Ingiliz – Because 21 is only the Beginning

Submitted 26 Jan 2017
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Ingiliz Royal


Director: Lyubomir ‘Luba6ky’ Dutsolov
DP: Dobromir Nikolov
Camera: Mladen Minev
Music/Mix/Master: Rado ‘RadoRe’ Minev
Vocal: Jessy Kinevirska
Edit/Color Grading: Luba6ky
Motion graphics: Martin Simeonov
VO Copywriter: Iliyan Gerov
Makeup: Petar Yankov

Special Thanks: Peter Lozanov, Juliana Nakova, Plamen Angelov, Aleksandra Sapundzhieva, Nikolay Nikolov


A video we made for the 21st anniversary of the Bulgarian fashion brand that makes one of the most provocative and qualitative shoes we’ve ever seen. We thank Ingiliz for the trust in us and the ability to understand and present style even in a simple commercial.

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