Vsichki Uslugi Web Spot

Submitted 17 Nov 2016
  • ADS


Vsichki Uslugi


Director: Lyubomir ‘Luba6ky’ Dutsolov

Screenwriter: Iliyan Gerov

Camera: Mladen Minev

Camera Assistant: Vasil Paunov

Styling: Mariam Said

Makeup: Petar Yankov

UPM: Peter Lozanov

pecial Thanks: Juliana Nakova, Yoanna Toncheva, Aleksandra Sapundzhieva, Nikolay Nikolov, Elsy Vulcheva


A video we made for a platform where people can offer and find services. The idea was to make an engaging out of the box video that will be fun and in the same time present the web platform.

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