About us


We are not just another production company but a trendy video factory, combining our creative personalities and designed to produce an experience tailored to your specific needs. We see the whole picture- from the moment in which the idea for the final product is born, through its creation to the point of delivering it to the auditory.


We see ourselves as artists who just happened to use video equipment to change hearts, minds and habits for the good of us all. Who we are as professionals will most likely draw you to us but who we are as people will keep you coming back for more!


The story behind the crew

Every story begins from somewhere and like many others ours starts because of a villain – the image of the unprofessional video team, casting its shadows over great ideas, turning them into headaches and poor products. As a few skillful and brave adventurers, we decided to unite our power against this great threat and started offering quality service for different types of video projects and clients – from content for web to large-scale advertising and music productions.


What to expect

We never give promises we cannot fulfill and this is why you should never expect anything less than what we promise to deliver. Whether we work for someone, or someone works for us, we value honesty, passion and the desire to explore and do more.



We, as well as our clients, know our advantages. First of all, we have the ideas and the diversity that clients look for. Sometimes the little things are what makes a very big difference –variety of crews in ScreenMixer gives us the opportunity to have personal approach for every single project. But we all know that at the end of the day, no matter if you are Mr. Nobody or the champion in your category – price matters. Being stationed in Bulgaria makes us able to make your biggest dreams come to life on the screen with world quality equipment and team, while in the same time maintaining the best price you will ever find.


Challenge us!

We use the expression “Challenge us!” to make it clear that for us every single project is yet another challenge by itself. And it is not a question of difficulty or budget, but of an exceptional importance of every video for our clients. We understand that you count on us to deliver your story the right way. And this is always a challenge and an emotion to be felt and even experienced. So do not be afraid to challenge us, this is exactly what we are looking for.

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