Natalia Kobilkina – 33 Dni do mechtata

Submitted 08 Nov 2017
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Catch a Story


Producer / Director: Lyubomir ‘Luba6ky’ Dutsolov

DP/Color Grading: Dobromir Nikolov

Camera: Lyubomir ‘Luba6ky’ Dutsolov

Sound mixer: Rado ‘RadoRe’ Minev

VFX: Martin Simeonov

VO Copywriter: Liliya Ilcheva

Makeup: Merry Subeva

Styling: Avgustina Markova


How to make your dreams come true? Our client Natalia Kobilkina is giving the answer in her newest book “33 дни до мечтата”. We decided to represent the book by creating an inspiring video that reveals the story behind every great achievement.

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