Carco TVC

Submitted 06 Jun 2019
  • ADS




Agency – Symbol Media Group
Production company – ScreenMixer
Account director: Petya Gerova
Starring: Djuliana Gani, Titi Papazov
Executive Producer: Peter Lozanov
Producer / Director: Luba6ky
1st AD: Kiril Sabev
DP: Dobromir Nikolov
Camera operator: Kaloyan Ignatov
Key grip: Aleksandar Petrov
Gaffer: David Wolf, Jordan Mihajlov
SFX/Mix: Ana Pesheva (Pro X Studio)
Color Grading: Luba6ky
BTS: Dimitar Ganchev
UPM: Juliana Nakova


Carco is one of the biggest companies for second-hand parts for almost every car that you can imagine. We’ve met a few months ago and come up with a fantastic idea to gather in one place one of the most iconic people in Bulgaria – Djuliana Gani and Titi Papazov to play the leading roles in our ‘Everybody needs a second hand’ TVC.

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